It is testament to his success that Jürgen Klopp has admirers even amongst the greatest rivals of Liverpool FC. His commitment to reinstating the club to its former glory has impressed many, not just because of its undeniable results, but also because of the way he has inspired belief from his players, the supporters, and the club hierarchy.


At the beginning of his reign, Klopp outlined his ambitious plans in an enthusiastic way which became infectious. He made sure to meet every member of staff, from the catering staff to the financial department. Soon they were unified under one goal – to bring the good days back.


Klopp’s audacious visualisation provided a direction for the club to work in, which every one of its individual stakeholders could contribute to. His leadership was inspirational because of the future vision he created.


Do you have a vision to work towards? Can you communicate this vision in an engaging way, to gain support to achieve it?

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