Just as humans wear hats, clubs wear head covers of their own. Your clubs are the hallmark of your golf equipment, and you want to show off your clubs while also protecting them from anything that might dirty or damage them. That’s what makes head covers so handy, as they can shield your clubs between shots while giving them an aesthetic appeal.

There are many different kinds of golf head covers available on the market, designed to account for a variety of individual tastes and preferences. You want to find covers that display your unique flair and golfing style while also appealing to your interests. Here are a few of the main categories of golf head covers for you to consider.


Funny Golf Head Covers

Funny Golf Head Covers

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Humor is wonderful if sometimes an enigmatic thing, as we all love to laugh. But each of us tends to have our own sources of amusement. Therefore, what is visually funny to one person may be unamusing or even perplexing to another person. This is especially common with inside jokes that depend on foreknowledge of a certain medium – a caricature of Popeye won’t be as fun if you don’t know him.

Fortunately, the sheer diversity of head cover designs for golf clubs makes it more likely that you can find one kind of cover or another that meets your approach to comedy and is bound to make you smile and laugh. Therefore, try to look at all the available options to find what works for you. Plus, funny head covers can also make for great practical joke “gifts” to golfing friends.


Animal Golf Head Covers

Animal Golf Head Covers

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Golfing is an outdoor sport and depending on where you golf, you might see various kinds of wildlife, from birds to gators, around the course. It makes sense then that many manufacturers feature animal head designs in their headcovers – not only of common animals but also exotic ones like pandas and lions. Such covers will give your equipment a natural and wild feel.

These kinds of golf head covers can be lots of fun to put on your golf clubs, but the species you choose can vary depending on your preferences and objectives. Maybe you want something that symbolizes your goal in golf, such as a bird’s head to symbolize how your ball will “fly” to the hole, or maybe you just want to pick your favorite animal. Whatever the case, they will give a unique quality to your clubs.


Novelty Golf Head Covers

Star Wars Headcovers

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For golfers who want something more unusual and unique for their golf clubs, novelty golf head covers offer their own appeal. Since the primary definer of novelty head covers is simply that they are bizarre, they are one of the most diverse styles of golf head covers. Many golf head cover manufacturers and distributors feature many novelty designs, as seen here in Creative Covers for Golf’s novelty collection.

Like funny golf head covers, what you might consider a novelty head cover will vary depending on your perspective since you are looking for something that really stands out and is unusual. Sometimes head covers from other categories such as animal heads may be considered types of novelty items. To choose a novelty head cover, think about why you want a novelty cover and what sort of cover would suit that objective.


Golf Hybrid Head Covers

Leather Hybrid Headcovers

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It’s important to keep in mind that clubs have different shapes and sizes, which can sometimes require specific kinds of head covers to fit on properly. This is especially apparent with golf hybrid headcovers since they need to be a separate shape from head covers made for standard types of clubs. Therefore, if you have any hybrid golf clubs, you should consider looking into head covers designed for that style.

Like regular club head covers, hybrid head covers come in a variety of different colors and styles, often fitting with the categories mentioned previously. In addition to other styles of covers, there are also plainer covers that primarily focus on simply covering your club and giving it a light aesthetic such as a plaid pattern. As with other head covers, find one that fits with your golfing style and goals for the covers.


Your Equipment Matters

Stitch Golf Head Covers

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For both improving your game and giving yourself a greater visual flair, the equipment you choose for golfing can make a strong difference in your games, including your golf head covers. With so many kinds of head covers being sold, enough searching will enable you to find covers that fit (physically and metaphorically) your clubs and the game like a glove.

Finding the right equipment for golfing is very important, and at Your Long Game, we can help you find the tools and tips you need to make your golfing fun and memorable. We have more tips on golf gear here, so take a look and get started on improving your game.

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