Titleist is one of the leading names in golf, and although their specialty might be balls, they certainly know how to make a club as well. We’re here to review the top 9 Titleist irons to see what each of them offer, and what’s made this brand such a commodity in the world of golf.

If you ask people who know nothing about golf to name a brand that’s synonymous with the sport, you’ll probably get your answer: Titleist. This world-famous name is known for making the best balls in the business and completely changing the way they’re created, but they also have a huge selection of clubs as well.

Among their most famous clubs is their range of irons, using state of the art technology mixed with a classic touch to bring you a tool that’s as well-crafted as their balls. We’re taking a look back at all of the irons Titleist has created to find the very best, and highlight what exactly makes them so famous.

There are few brands out there with the prestige and quality attached to them that Titleist has, so it’s no wonder that their clubs and balls are used by professionals and beginners all over the world. We examine just what goes into making a Titleist iron and how this prolific brand got its start with something as simple as an x-ray.

The Story Behind Titleist

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Titleist is a brand with years of history and a fascinating start that makes it sound more like a myth than reality. Phillip E Young was a graduate of Massachusetts Institue of Technology and a keen golfer. One day as he was out on the green, he noticed that he missed an obvious putt on the green while playing a round with his dentist.

Young was sure, with his education and training, that the missed shot was due to the weight in the ball being unbalanced, and so he enlisted the help of his dentist. They performed an x-ray of the ball and found that indeed, the rubber core was off center, and they surmised that this was probably a pretty common occurrence in the world of golf balls.

From his discovery, Young went on to design a ball that would be on center at all times. He designed a machine that would create the balls and after a few years of tests, he finally released the first Titleist in 1932. The balls had a perfect center of rubber and therefore ensured a better game of golf, and soon everyone had caught on.

Many years later, the brand decided to expand their range and develop clubs and other gear. From there, we’ve seen Titleist use that very same innovative thinking that changed the game with their golf balls transcend into clubs as well, with none more popular than their irons and the range of Scotty Cameron putters.

Top 9 Titleist Irons

Most golfers can say they’ve had a Titleist at some point or another in their golfing career. As one of the most famous brands in the game it’s not a surprise, and as they continue making quality and modern gear us golfers will continue to love them. We’ve found the top 9 Titleist irons to show you what makes them so good, so you can add one to your collection the next time you’re in the market.

#9: AP1 (718)

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This was some of their most recent irons, but ones that embodied the classic spirit of Titleist but with a modern edge. The new AP1 makes use of a hollow construction in the 4- and 5- irons to give extra speed in those clubs when you need it. They’ve achieved all of this without changing the feel or look from their C16 concept irons which is nice to see.

A full set will cost around $1,000 which is a price golfers are happy to pay for quality. Aside from the 4- and 5- irons, the others have thin faces and 360-degree undercut cavities which gives them a smooth and lightweight feel. Tungsten weights make these the most forgiving of all, so perfect for people who need some assistance.

#8: AP2 (718)

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From their last AP2, Titleist didn’t really need to change much as it was already such a popular iron. However, they managed to make it even better with more distance and extra forgiveness which is why this is a top choice for irons. The set of eight will cost you around $1,3000 so a little more expensive for Titleist, but worth every penny when you see how they perform.

Using a steel body and face insert from the same steel gives it a thin face and helps to improve distance. The 7-iron uses 1025 carbon steel for its body with the 8-iron again changing things up and using the 1025 carbon steel for both body and face. These slight differences through each one mean you get a unique swing every time and an instant feeling that Titleist knows how to make an iron.

#7: AP3

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons – (Steel) (Stiff Flex-4-AW, Right)
  • Titleist AP3 718
  • With AP3 you get the off-center performance of a game improvement iron...
  • Look down and you’ll see a player-preferred shape that inspires...

Although the AP1 and AP2 have been around for years in the Titleist range, golfers seemed to have a hard time deciding which one they preferred. That’s when the AP3 came along and changed everything. These irons are inbetween of their two popular models and many believe they look and perform better than the rest.

What makes these irons so unique is that they use three different constructions for the entire set. By using a hollow tungsten strengthened construction, high strength steel, and stainless steel, they provide strength and flexibility when you need it. For around $1,300 for the whole set, these are revolutionary but with that classic touch thatS Titleist is known for.

The newer version of the T-MB has already taken home titles of the best iron around and unlike its predecessor that was only available through custom order, this one has been designed as a complete set of seven. For the privilege of owning them, you’ll have to shell out about $1,750 for the whole package so they’re definitely some of Titleist’s most expensive yet.

What made these irons so unique was that they changed their focus to the lower part of the face this time. For the long and middle irons, the high strength steel wraps around the lower part of the club, and in the long irons, the tungsten weights are used in the heel and toe. This gives stability and also propels your ball as high as you need it, which are all things we look for out on the course.

#5: CB (718)

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We all know that Titleist likes to keep their classic touch on things, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with the CB. Although it seems like a classic it’s actually more versatile because they've moved the center of gravity closer to the center of the face. The result? Most consistency with the speed of your ball and an overall better game.

All of the short irons in this set are one-piece forgings but the others have something slightly different. The 7-iron has both a stainless steel face insert and a carbon-steel body, and with the weight, it saved the tungsten has been moved to the heel and toe on their long and middle irons, results in maximum forgiveness. The CB 718 set comes with eight pieces and retails for around $1,300, which is pretty standard fare for Titleist. 

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Titleist is one of the only brands on the market who seem to know how to make a forged blade right, and they show off this prowess in the MB 718. When compared to the 716, not much has changed, but the little adjustments they did make have had a great improvement. The back has been straightened up and it’s been given a shiny chrome finish that makes it look like something from the old school days of golf.

Using the muscle back blade, it seems that these types of designs have their days numbered as many brands are favoring the hollow back format more and more. However, Titleist proves that it’s not necessary as long as you forge it from one piece of quality steel. You can expect to pay around $1,300 for these irons and while they make use of modern technology they have that great classic look that takes you back to the early days of Titleist.

#3: 712U

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The 712U was released in 2012 and heralded as the one and only iron to play with. During the 2013 PGA season, the iron was the most favored during the first 14 events and found on the great likes Adam Scott and Tim Clark. It’s still a prized favorite this many years later, and it’s thanks to the deep center of gravity and higher MOI that they offer.

Titleist put in extensive research to craft these irons and found that a wider sole design makes it better to use at all angles. They’ve also added a tapered tip that gives more control over each shot and increased stability overall. This iron is available on customer order with a cost of around $230 for the basic model with custom additions for extra.

Titleist Ladies AP1 714 Irons 5 - W2 Kuro Kage 50 Graphite right
  • Forgiveness from a deep undercut, dual cavity design with very dense...
  • Solid feel throughout the set from the progressive CG location, lower...
  • Smooth turf release from the camber sole with beveled leading edge.

The AP1s have always been known as the most forgiving irons that Titleist makes and it’s all thanks to its long shape. This is the fourth generation AP1 and one heralded as the best, even when compared to the newer models. The AP1 714 has been made with the goal of increasing ball flight and they managed to deliver in spades.

Titleist has made an effort not to change their original design too much and only make slight differences. This includes 10% of the top edge weight being moved lower in the head to make the center of gravity lower. By using tungsten they’ve also strengthened these irons and increased stability, which is perfect for golfers looking for a steadier hand. All up, you can expect to pay around $600 for this piece, and it still stands up to today’s more modern irons.

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Another one of their classic irons but one that remains a favorite in golfer’s bags today is the CB 714. Released in 2012, these are the newer models of the 712 and an improvement in the sole was all they had to do to make this one even better. One of the best things about it is the sound it makes when hitting the ball, and many have claimed they could play with it all day just to hear the soft click.

Titleist has made this to hit straight through the turf which is where a lot of us struggle with our irons. The head feels like but it’s made with strength, ticking all of the boxes for what you look for in this club. It’s incredibly forgiving and feels cushy to use, highlighting why it’s still so popular today among golfers. You can expect to pay around $1,000 for a brand new one, but there are some great second-hand models available too.

One of Golf’s Most Trusted Names

From very humble beginnings x-raying a golf ball to figure out how to make it better, Titleist has certainly come a long way from their first product released in 1932. Their range of clubs continue to rank among the world’s best and they’re an easy choice for golfers who want a trusted brand to carry with them on the course.

Just by reviewing the top 10 Titleist irons, you can see why this brand has as much respect as it does. They continue to innovate and create products that make beginners and professionals happy, so if you’re in the market for a new iron then Titleist is definitely worth considering.

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