You’ve gotten into position, readied your club, and swung for an excellent hit. And then what? Your work isn’t finished when you strike the ball, as you need to have a smooth follow-through routine if you want your ball to still go where you want it to go.

The follow-through or finish, stage of your swing is a fundamental component of your overall swing, and mastering it is essential for successful golfing. Of course, the follow-through won’t make as big of a difference when your swinging from is sub-par, to begin with, but if you want to make your full swing and delivery a success, you need to follow through properly.


Follow Through in Golf Swing: Why Is It Important?

Golf Swing Follow Through Drill

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While at first glance it may appear that your follow-through is secondary to the rest of your swing, ignoring it can hinder your overall swing. Each piece of your swing, from posture to the follow-through, has its own critical role in raising your swings to their full potential. In fact, the “release” stage associated with the follow-through is especially vital, since it carries forward your momentum.

The release can produce up to seven times the normal club speed for your ball. In contrast, poor follow-through will reduce your accuracy and likely lead to a slice or hook. Furthermore, mastering your follow-through helps you attain a better understanding of yourself, your objectives, and your style as a golfer.


How to Perform Good Follow Through

How to Perform Good golf Follow Through

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Firstly, since your follow-through is based on the result of the rest of your swing, you should begin by improving the previous stages of your swing and working to understand them better. By doing so, you become more aware of how your overall golf swing flows and how you should, therefore, continue that pattern with your follow-through. Focus and follow the invisible arc of your swing around your body.

To ensure that your movement remains consistent, you need to have your body parts rotate accordingly, with your shoulder and hips approaching the target while your spine moves in the opposite direction. Keep in mind the importance of what is called a “gold weight shift,” where your weight is transferred fluidly from your rear to front for an optimal balance during the follow-through.


How to Finish Your Golf Swing Follow Through

Ten of the Best: Golf swing tips

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The entirety of your swing, including the follow-through, should proceed fluidly with the end goal of reaching your finishing position. Therefore, you should have the proper posture for your finish in your mind before you even begin to swing. Doing so will enable your swing to smoothly flow throughout the action without stumbling along the way.

To make the most of your follow-through, your finishing position should be at the final crest of your swing’s arc. Golf Fix explains that you should fully rotate the club behind your back so that the club’s head is now visible again on your front side. Likewise, Golfweek advises that a good indicator of a successful follow-through is your hands, as they should optimally be up in the air next to your ears.


Drills to Improve Follow Through in Golf


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Since your follow-through and swing, in general, need to flow smoothly and naturally, you should work to make proper follow-through into a habit for you by means of consistent drills. Practicing your follow-through thoroughly helps you better understand your golf form and, in the process, learn how to be consistent and accurate with the release.

Golf professionals recommend many different training drills for follow-through. The PGA advises, among other drills listed here, starting out by hitting the ball short distances and gradually increasing the range until you reach your standard distance. Michael Breed on Golf Fix has even suggested a practice method involving a paper substitute for your shaft. Find ones that work best for you and your style of play.


Faith in the Results

Golf drill to create width in golf swing

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Much of the follow-through and your swing will come down to the vision you have for the ball’s movement and fluidly act to fulfill that ideal strike. You won’t be able to alter your body’s trajectory to track the ball after you hit it, so you must continue to follow through all the way with the confidence that, having prepared yourself for the full process of the swing, the ball will fly true to your target.

Golfing, with the right knowledge and tools, naturally flows forward toward the holes, making for a smooth and enjoyable game. At Your Long Game, we want to help you reach that point in your golfing where you have the skills and confidence to play the game you’ve always dreamed of. Check out our website for more tips on your swing here, and we can help you get started on your golfing adventure.

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