There’s nothing quite like taking a scenic ride between the holes on a golf cart – if you can find one that’s comfortable for you. The quality of the cart you ride can determine if you enjoy the ride or would rather just hoof it on foot.

Many golf courses offer carts for rent, but if you want a cart that truly works for you on a personal level, you should buy your own golf cart. There are many different kinds of golf carts to choose from, but with enough work, you can find one that suits you to a tee.

Where to Find Golf Carts for Sale

When you want to buy a golf cart, it’s best to go with a reputable, professional manufacturer that can give you a high-quality and reliable cart. Flex Mag lists three primary companies that sell golf carts – Club Car, E-Z-Go, and Yamaha – but also points out that there are many other golf cart manufacturers, each with its own specialties and brands of golf carts.

Each company emphasizes certain traits and services in their products, as can be seen in how Club Car offers hundreds of customization options for its golf carts. Since there are multiple manufacturers that each sells multiple kinds of golf carts, you should examine the different companies and carts and compare what you find, not only on price but also on the features and services included with the carts.

Refurbished and Used Golf Carts

If you don’t want to buy an entirely new golf cart, you can always look for a used one instead. Since golf carts are built to last for many years, you can find many old but perfectly functional carts on the market. Buying a used or refurbished cart could save you money compared to a new cart, both for the cart itself and for the accessories that come with it.

However, you should keep in mind, that a used cart will lack the warranty and professional, personalized customizations you could get in a new cart. Moreover, “refurbished” carts sometimes look great externally but have significant wear on internal components such as the motor and batteries. Therefore, you should be thorough in asking questions about the cart to ensure you get a safe cart for a reasonable price.

Keeping Your Golf Cart Batteries Charged and Healthy

Keeping Your Golf Cart Batteries Charged and Healthy

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The last thing you want is for your cart to die on you in the middle of the fairway, so you need to pay close attention to the battery of your cart. It’s especially important to know your battery’s age when you purchase a used cart, as appearances can sometimes be deceiving. Know that battery stamps indicate the actual manufacturing date of the battery – for instance, a stamp labeled J-4 would be the tenth month (October) of 2014.

Even with a brand-new battery, it is vital that you take good care of it like the rest of the cart. Even the best golf carts will eventually start to break down, so you cannot afford to ignore your maintenance responsibilities. To keep your golf cart in optimal shape, you should regularly clean your battery and avoid unnecessary risks like trying to use a charger not made for a cart.

Personalize with Golf Cart Accessories

From wheels to seat belts to blankets, the accessories that come with golf carts offer key amenities when you golf and help ensure that you have a fun time on the course. Furthermore, a golf cart’s accessories are a great avenue for you to personalize your cart and give it its own unique appeal. Therefore, you should make sure that whatever golf cart you buy has the accessories you want.

Professional golf cart manufacturers such as E-Z-Go, Yamaha, and Club Car are great places to look for accessories, as they are the most likely brands to offer affordable and high-quality accessories. Plus, golf cart manufacturers often include diverse customization choices for consumers, allowing you to select a cart that suits your personal needs as a golfer.

Know Thy Cart

When you go searching for a golf cart to buy, you may be daunted by the complex options available. However, the reward for your effort will be highly satisfying, as the ideal cart will grant you enjoyment and improve your experience as a golfer. With that in mind, just remember that you want a cart that’s right for you, so try to find a cart with the qualities you want.

Golfing can be a fun activity, but every golfer has his or own personal approach to the game. That’s why Your Long Game focuses on helping golfers find their individual strengths to grow and attain greater enjoyment from golfing. Go here to learn more about the different equipment you need to golf or check out the rest of our site to get started on your golfing experience.

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