How Can I Help You?

This 6-month transformation programme has been designed to assist you in achieving sustainable improvement with your business.

The course will consist of workshops, coaching sessions, and self-learning opportunities built around a tested, pre-set syllabus. The content will run in alignment with my book Better before Bigger – Rethinking Business Success.

The programme will provide a structured, step-by-step process where content and learning are directly transferrable to your day-to-day work. The clarity, confidence, and curiosity you will gain from the course can make your leadership and your business better.  

Take a look at the programme outline below to find out more.

If you’re interested in this exciting opportunity, please book a discovery call with me.

Core Services

  • Reframe: Coaching

    1-to-1 sessions to assist you in understanding how to move forward with increased confidemce.

  • Rethink: Workshops

    Facilitated sessions with your core team to better align your resources, opportunities and strategy.

  • Refocus: Programme

    A programme to transform your adolescent, dependent business into a mature, autonomous company.

 Taster Services

Complementary Services

Six Critical Components

Each of the six critical components should be present in a successful business. Every component is both specific to the challenges an organisation might face, but also complemented and intertwined with the others. By focusing and embedding each component, you will step-by-step create a more scalable and resilient business.

Inspirational Leadership

Numerical Extrapolation

Strategic Clarification

Reputational Maximisation

Stakeholder Reciprocation

Operational Optimisation

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