1.      Share your driving mission, vision, and values more often so those inside and outside of your business know where you want to go and how you plan to get there. By doing this you can head in a unified direction together.


2.      Communicate with your stakeholders frequently, even when it may not feel immediately pressing. The dialogues you have with your stakeholders will increase understanding between you, resulting in more productive relationships. Let your stakeholders know you care about them.


3.      Vary your leadership style by leading from in front, from within, and from behind. This means as well as taking an essential active role in operations, work alongside a team or take a step back and empower others. By experimenting with these roles you can find the correct balance that works for you and your company.


Do those around you understand your driving motivations? Do your stakeholders know you care about them? Have you found the best leadership style to suit you and your business?

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