Being able to visualise the future is probably the essential element that all leaders need to have. A vision is vital to progressing productively, it’s an aim that is both constant and consistent. Having this target can unify a group of people, guiding their separate efforts in one cooperative direction.


To be an inspirational leader, you need to be able to communicate your vision engagingly. You must become a proficient storyteller, because however well-planned your future may be, you will only recruit support if your story is captivating.


Operational challenges will often occur, but these should not be prioritised to the detriment of the ultimate vision. A balanced duality must be found where both the present and future receive sufficient attention.


The modern attitude of ‘What’s in it for me?’ may seem problematic for leaders. However, rather than viewing this attitude as selfish, it’s actually symptomatic of a greater variety of choices, and a desire to personally commit to a cause that is inspirational.


To lead you must understand ‘what’s in it for them,’ not just you – make your vision tangible and appealing.  

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