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One of the best examples of inspirational leaders I have come across is the explorer Ernest Shackleton.

 In 1914, Shackleton posted this advert in the newspaper, appealing for new recruits for his latest expedition. Given the advert contained the warning ‘safe return doubtful,’ it is incredible that the response was so enthusiastic. A great queue of men tempted by the promises of ‘complete darkness’ and ‘constant danger’ twisted round the street, like they were waiting outside the Apple Store for the latest iPhone.

 Shackleton had gained reputation as a charismatic and inspirational leader. The chance to experience one of his exciting missions and work with the hero himself would surely make up for the ‘small wages’ and ‘bitter cold.’ Things seem different now more than ever, but inspirational leaders will always be needed.

 What could you be doing to inspire others to join your mission? Are you being transparent enough about your choices and values? Are you offering something unique, to engage potential clients or potential employees?

 What leaders inspire you personally, and why?

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