You need some solid support to stand on for your golfing, and for your ball, one of the best supports to hold it up is a nice, sturdy tee. Having been around for centuries, tees are a fundamental component of golfing, such that the classic and popular arcade game Golden Tee Golf gets its name from the tee you golf from.

There are many different types of tees to choose from, and the kind of tee used can potentially affect your golfing, with the PGA observing that some people even believe that the color you choose influences your swing’s speed. Since the type and quality of the tee you use can determine if you make an effective swing or strike out, it’s important to find a tee that works with your approach to golf.


Wooden Tees

PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees

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Wooden tees are one of the most common types of the golf tee and have been used since the 19th century. Like most tees, wood tees generally have a circular top with a thin shaft for support. As a tried-and-true type of tee, it is a reliable standard for many golfers

There are a variety of different wooden tees, each with its own attributes. Most are made from red cedar, but other types of wood are also used. Furthermore, the size of wood tees varies between 2.5 and 4 inches, so you’ll want to pick a tee that is the right height for your swing. Plus, you can go with any color from a plain wood finish to a coat of white or whatever color suits you.


Plastic Golf Tees

Pride Professional Tee System Evolution Golf Tees 3.25" Wholesale

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While plastic tees have been the mainstay for golfers for a long time, plastic tees are becoming increasingly popular. Plastic tees, due to having a rubber or glue filler, tend to be more durable and flexible compared to standard wood tees. Plus, their color coats shield them from wear by the weather.

Plastic tees are also becoming more frequent due to the development of several new types of plastic-based tees. Anti-slice tees are designed to support the ball with a cup on the back side, perfect when you have a problematic slice. Friction-free and brush tees are both designed to limit friction and resistance on the balls while hitting, with the former a three- to six-point configuration and the latter using bristles for support.


Personalized Golf Tees

Personalized Golf Set, Golf Tees

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Of course, golfers themselves often have a way of finding and making tees to suit their games – after all, the first “tees” of golfing were simply sand mounds cleverly piled up to support the ball. The design, material, and color options for tees already give you a diverse selection, but you can go even further to personalize your tees in your own way.

Personalizing your golf tee with a name, symbol, or another mark of your choosing is a great way to show how your golfing equipment and your game stand out from others, and there are many ways to go about it. Lots of companies offer personalization options for golf tees among other golf-related items, so enough browsing can show you the ideal tee for your game and style.


Using a Tee

Golf tees

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Having the right tee is only half the battle – you also need to be able to use it effectively. The height of the tee in proportion to your swing is critical in ensuring that the shot is effective. To tell if the tee height is acceptable, look at the ball on the tee. The upper half should be above the club’s “crown” while the lower half must be below the crown’s level.

On the other hand, Where’s My Caddie? points out that a particularly low or high tee can sometimes be useful in its own way by either lowering or raising your trajectory. In general, to know how to best utilize your tees, you must understand how you swing and how the tee can best function in sync with your style of play.


A Tee for Every Game and Golfer

Hitting a draw off the tee

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While we have considered many key types of golf tees above, that is just the beginning, as there are more kinds of tees that have been made or are being developed. For example, the recent concerns about the environment have led to biodegradable tees to limit golfers’ impact on the natural world. With all of the options available, golfers can work to find ones that best suit their style of play.

At Your Long Game, we want each golfer to be able to enjoy their golf games to the fullest. We know that everyone has their own way of golf, and we can help you throughout your journey as a golfer. Click here and you can read more on our different tips for golfing equipment.


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