1.     Surround yourself with intelligent professionals. Don’t be afraid of mixing with more knowledgeable people; you cannot be the top authority on every subject. Truly effective leaders harness the skillsets of those around them. 

2.     Attend half as many meetings with people you already know and twice as many with people you don’t. Grow your associations, the more people you know, the greater the number of rewarding relationships you will have to choose from. Prioritise you time for this. 

3.     Listen first, speak later. Active listening can help you understand the positions of others, meaning when you come to speak, your words can be more informed and sympathetic. Learn more and preach less; people will respect you more if you demonstrate interest in them.

Do you utilise the skillsets & expertise of those around you as much as you could?

Do you prioritise meeting new people and making new connections?

Do you practice speaking last and least whenever possible?


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