1.     Find the right stakeholders for your business. On-board stakeholders who align with the values of your organisation; don’t engage in unsuitable relationships just for the sake of numbers. Only the right people can assist effective improvement. 

2.     Let go of relationships that are no longer productive. It may be difficult to cut ties, but unaligned customer, employee, supplier or partner relationships that do not move you closer to your driving mission and vision are detrimental to progress. 

3.     Prioritise your fundamental values; don’t put short-term needs ahead of these. ‘Shopping hungry’ will lead to unconsidered purchases that might satisfy you current needs but will seem misjudged longer term. Be prepared to wait for the right stakeholder who meets your values.

Are you on-boarding the best people for your business?

Are you maintaining ineffective, unaligned relationships?

Do you write a considered ‘shopping list’ of attributes and values for all stakeholders? 

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