1.      Specifically set aside thinking time each week; this will give you greater clarity on what’s important and where you wish to go. If you do not ‘ringfence’ this time, you may well become distracted by other, less forward thinking, tasks. Progress can only be made if sufficient thought has been applied.


2.      Find the ideal thinking space that is neither your home nor at work. This space should be free of distractions, providing the tranquillity to support productive thinking. Natural surroundings can often be perfect for this kind of considerate activity.


3.      Journal your daily successes, lessons, fears, and aspirations. Only by reflecting on your personal experience can you move forward effectively. By identifying the things that have gone well and the things that could have been better, you can spot trends, replicating and increasing previous victories.


Do you spend sufficient time considering the past, present, and future?

Do you have a productive thinking space?

Do you record and analyse your experiences, to identify the best path forward?

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