As one of the biggest names in British and international golf, Justin Rose has already proved he has what it takes with his career. We’re here to look back at how the sports professional got his start and the challenges he’s had to overcome already as he worked his way through the ranks to become one of the world’s best golfers today.

When you think of British golfers, there’s one name that comes to mind: Justin Rose. Rose has had a stellar career behind him and is showing no signs of slowing down, but it wasn’t always so easy for the South African born golfer.

Now aged just 38, Rose has already got a massive list of achievements behind him and with a professional career that started at 17, it seems he still has many years to go. We’re here to look back at how Justin got his starts, the challenges that he’s had to overcome, and what his plans for the future are.

With a recent comeback that nobody expected at the British Open, he nearly took home the prize at the tournament but missed by just two strokes to Italy’s Francesco Molinari. This has proved to Justin, and the world, that he’s not ready to throw in the towel yet and we can expect to see a lot more of him on the international circuit.

Early Life

Although a British citizen, Justin Rose was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to British parents in 1980. When he was five years old, his family moved back to the UK and it’s believed that this is where he started his love for golf.

Living in Hampshire as a boy, Justin spent long hours at the Hartley Wintney Golf Club which was right down the road from his home. By the age of 11, he broke 70 and was then encouraged by his teachers at Robert May’s School in Odiham and family to continue on with his passion and natural skill. As he practiced more, his handicap became plus one by the time he was just 14.

Unlike other professional golfers who gave up their education early to focus on the sport, Rose stayed through and completed his schooling and left with top marks. All of this was possible while he took place in competitions and hours of practice each day, signaling just how determined he was even at this early age.

The Start of His Career

The first time Justin Rose burst onto the professional scene was when he was just 17 years old. A young and eager addition to the 1998 Open Championships held at Royal Birkdale. What made his first public appearance so memorable was his landing a dramatic shot that he took from the rough on the 18th hole, earning him a spot in fourth place as a tie.

For his impressive efforts, he won the silver medal for a low amateur and then turned professional the very next day. Although he had an impressive start, he found it hard to keep the momentum going in his early career and for his first 21 attempts at events, he managed to miss the cut.

In 1999, he finally earned his European tour card but lost it again the following year. However, this signaled the end of his bad luck. In 2001, he had consecutive second place wins in South Africa and then finish in the top 40 Order of Merit. His first ever professional win was the Dunhill Championship in 2002 which he then followed up with three more wins that same year at the Nashua Masters, a Japanese Golf Tour, and the Victor Chandler British Masters.

Improvements and Achievements

After this, it seemed his bad luck was easing for a while. In 2004, he earned enough money to claim his PGA card and played mostly in America for that year. Although he didn’t manage to crack the top 50 for that season he was still able to retain his tour card because he’d won over $1 million.

In 2005, his bad luck continued and he subsequently quit the European tour to focus just on the PGA. Sadly, this did little to boost his performance and so he announced again that he would be returning to Europe. However, it seemed unnecessary as he made a comeback finishing in third place at the Buick Championship.

From here, he had consistency and seemed to be adding more and more achievements. By 2007, he was the top-ranked British golfer and number 7 in the world and spent over 35 weeks there since then. In 2013, after beating Tiger Woods at the Arnold Palmer International, he rose to third place in the world.

In 2013, another astonishing event happened, and Justin Rose became the first Englishman to win the US Open in 43 years. From there, his wins kept happening and besides a small stint where he publicly focused on the Olympics, he never stopped trying.

The Olympics and His Global Accolades

The 2016 Olympics held in Rio De Janiero saw Rose become the first player to ever make a hole-in-one at the Olympics. The sports had returned for a full event which it hadn’t been since 1904, making it even more memorable, and Rose took home the gold medal. His performance was apparently so inspiring for the Great Britain team that he gave the golf ball from that hole to bronze medallist Nile Wilson.

After the Olympics, Rose had another special moment where he received an Order of the British Empire. This British order of chivalry was awarded to him for his performance at the Olympics for his country, and it gives him the title of Justin Rose, QBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).

More Recent Standings in Golf

Following the Olympics, Rose put his focus back on tours and tournaments. He joined the European team at Ryder Cup for the fourth time in 2016, and then in 2017 won his second World Golf Championship.

In December 2017, it was announced that Rose would host the British Masters in 2018 which have yet to occur. His most recent performance in the 2018 Open Championship saw him tie for second and his cumulative score was the best of everyone who qualified for the tour in all four of the championships.

His current ranking on the PGA Tour is fourth place and is reportedly prepping for the 2018 FedEx Open. With 11 international victories and 9 PGA Tour victories under his belt, there’s no doubt from fan and spectators that he’s going to have a good run at his next tournaments and possibly get himself back into third place again.

Interesting Facts About Justin Rose

Justin Rose is a pretty straightforward golfer and one that lives pretty publically, like most others in the sport. Here are some facts about the English golfer that you might not know, and some that may change your perception of him.

  • When Rose won the US Open on Father’s Day, he brought the crowd to tears when he dedicated his win to his late father. Ken died of cancer at the age of 57, 11 years ago and was said to be a mentor to Rose throughout his career.
  • Justin’s father was also responsible for introducing him to golf, reportedly placing a putter in his hand when he was just a year old and urging him to try it out.
  • Justin is more than just a golfer but he’s also a serious environmentalist and an advocate of sustainable golf facilities. He is an ambassador to the STRI’s Golf Environment Awards and hosts receptions for those who in the awards.
  • Justi married his long-time girlfriend Kate Phillips in 2006. The pair had been dating for many years and she’s also a professional sports star – a former international gymnast.
  • Justin and Kate have two children together, a son Leo and a daughter Lottie.

A Bright Future for the British Champ

Justin is no stranger to adversity in his career, and even though he’s been through some setbacks that would put many golfers off, he’s never walked away from the challenge. With over 20 years of professional playing behind him, an Olympic gold medal, and an Order of the British Empire, he can say he’s achieved many things that most golfers only dream of.

There’s no sign that Rose will be slowing down as he’s still making waves on the scene in 2018 and has plans for great things in the future. As the UK’s biggest golfing export and one who’s already cemented his name in history, it’s exciting to see where he can take his enormous talent next.

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