When scaling a mountain your ultimate goal is to reach the summit, all effort is directed towards this aim. Experienced climbers realise that rather than continually pressing forward, without respite, they should embrace the plateau that breaks up their journey. The plateau allows time for recovery and is about looking both back and forward.


  • In a business context, companies can become so consumed by dealing with present challenges that they fail to acknowledge what they have achieved so far.

  • Plateaus present an opportunity to reflect on what’s gone well and what hasn’t, this means the path forward can be planned in a more considered way.

  • Non-stop climbing might feel productive but in the longer term it is not sustainable and may lead to a burnout.


Therefore, embrace the plateau; use it to re-energise, assess your progress to plan for the route ahead. Take a moment and enjoy the view…


Do you take enough time out to reflect and regroup, to be ready for future?

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