For many golfers, the expense of renting a riding golf cart impacts enjoyment of the game. That’s when it’s time to start considering buying a golf push cart. Golf can be an expensive sport. Rental fees can add up for anyone that hits the course frequently. And although a riding cart is a convenient way to get around the course, the accumulating rental fees can kill your budget.

Along with the cost, there’s the health benefit to think about. Most people admit that golf is not the most physical sport. Walking the course is one form of exercise that golfers of any fitness level can enjoy. But, carrying a full, heavy bag of clubs and accessories can be painful, or even impossible for some. Many put weight on the shoulders and can ultimately affect your performance.

Players that invest in a golf push cart find they enjoy the best of both worlds. They can walk the course, deriving all the benefits of a mild workout. Yet, a golf push-pull cart makes it so much easier to move a full bag of clubs, plus accessories. If you want to take your phones, drinks, a change of clothes, or other cumbersome extras out on the course, buying a golf push cart should be on your to-do list.

Owning your own push-pull cart allows you to move your equipment easily. Storing it becomes a snap with a wheeled cart. It also helps protect the bag, keeping it upright, which helps keep it organized. You can prep your equipment quickly while it sits in the cart, then stow it neatly for next time.

Push carts can be manual or have electric propulsion. There are several options for golf push carts that fit a range of budgets.

An electric golf push cart makes hitting the links a joy.

Image: CC0 Creative Commons by TesaPhotography via Pixabay.

Manual Golf Push Carts

These are one of the most popular types of golf carts for walkers. Most carts use three wheels, making them very stable.

Manual golf push carts have some advantages:

  • They’re cheaper than electric ones, but have almost the same features.
  • Manual carts are lighter than electric carts and easier to lift in and out of vehicles.
  • Manual push carts have more storage space than electric carts.

Manual push golf carts also have some disadvantages:

  • These golf carts do take more energy to use than electric ones.
  • They’re bigger than an electric golf push cart, so take more room in storage or vehicles.

Electric Push Golf Carts

If you have room in the budget, you may want to consider an electric golf push cart. The options seem overwhelming, but the benefit of a powered cart is hard to deny. Different models range in size, features, and storage options. There is also a variety of built-in electronic gadgets to consider.

The advantages of an electric golf push cart are obvious:

  • Takes no manual power to use, preventing fatigue.
  • Moves faster than manual carts, resulting in faster play.
  • Sturdiness and stability make them a breeze to use on any terrain.

The disadvantages of electric golf push carts should be considered:

  • They’re more expensive than manual models.
  • You’re dependent on the life of the battery.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Your Golf Push Cart

Before looking at a new cart, take a moment to think about your current playing style. You may want to make changes in how you play in the future. Think about accessories you’ve had to leave behind and which ones you should have. Your fitness level will also play a part in choosing a new golf push cart.

Features to check before choosing a golf push cart:

Wheel Size: Carts with larger wheels are easier to move over bumpy terrain.
Storage: Think about your must-haves on the course before buying
Weight: You’ll need to lift in and out of your vehicle
Portability: You’ll still need to drag your golf bag around until you get to the course. Consider how much room you have to store and transport it
Additional Features: Some electric golf carts have inboard panels. Note if these options will be more help than hindrance.

Check Golf Push Cart Reviews Online

Check online reviews from consumers and professionals before buying. There are many websites where golf enthusiasts offer objective reviews. Many will break down all the features. So, instead of getting a simple list of best and not-so-best, you can compare models fit your own style of play.

Golf Gurls blog offers golf equipment reviews aimed at the needs of lady golfers.
Best Golf Stuff publishes reviews of all kinds of golfing equipment
Two Golf Guys are golf fans that provide detail golf push cart reviews as well as buying tips.
Critical Golf is a review site that specializes in all the latest golf high tech.

A golf push cart provides convenience on the course. You’ll find play becomes faster and easier. You won’t have to waste time looking for club. A fast golf game is a fun golf game. A golf game spent looking for things and carrying heavy bags around is not a fun golf game. Save wear and tear on your shoulder. Save your energy for the game. Save your time for play, instead of lugging around heavy golf bags.

Featured Image: CC0 Creative Commons by 47ronin47 via Pixabay

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