Most golf grip reviews agree that the importance of the grips on the end of a golf club is too often ignored. The variety, style, size, and feel of each grip can either ruin or improve your game.

Different style grips can correct for inherent problems in your game, such as a slicing or hooking problem, without significantly changing your swing. With that in mind, it might be time to learn about how changing your grips can change your game! However, not all reviews are about you, here is what you need to know.

Changing your golf club grips could shave five strokes off your game.

Before checking out golf grip reviews, it might be helpful to start with a basic refresher on the types of grips that are currently on the market.

  • Rubber grips – The most common grip material on the market, rubber is easy to shape and offers a stable and “sticky” feel under the hand
  • Corded grips – Used because it provides good resistance, allowing you to maintain a firm grip even during rain, or when your hands are exceptionally sweaty
  • Wrap grips – These are tightly wound strips around the shaft of the club. Wraps used to be made of leather, but now they are generally made from other soft-textured material
  • Putter grips – Generally not designed for traction like standard grips are. They have a smoother composition and a flat edge to assist the golfer in correct thumb position

Ask Golf Guru briefly discusses the various types of grips available, advantages and disadvantages in the video below:

There doesn’t seem to be a set group of parameters, or standards, used when conducting best golf grips reviews. Some reviews merely pulled results from Amazon customer reviews, while others provided an analysis of the materials used in the construction of the grips.

Other reviews measured hand size, analyzed swing styles, performed control-group testing, and used many other techniques to provide their analysis of grips. And still, others were conducted by the manufacturers of the grips that were rated at the top of their reviews (go figure, right?).

The parameters for ladies golf grips reviews are even less defined (pink appears to be the qualifying parameter for ladies) in most of the reviews we checked – otherwise the reviewing standards for women are included in overall golf grip reviews.

What seems to be the most important thing after reading several different, unbiased, golf grip reviews is that you should make sure you have the right grip for YOU. Take your time while shopping around and visit a pro that isn’t on commission for sales. Most pro shops have sample shafts with all their grips mounted on the shaft ends so you can take a test swing and feel how the grip works for you.

A quick video on the importance of finding the right grips for you:

Selecting the right grip based on golf grip reviews.

Basing your grip choice solely on men’s and ladies golf grips reviews is like buying a car out of a catalog – it never drives quite the way you thought it would. With that in mind, check all the available reviews, but don’t take that shortcut without test driving the different grips available at a local pro shop.

Figure out your swing style by having a friend video you at the driving range. Do you use a flat swing or an upright swing? Does your swing often produce pull hooks or slices, or is it straight down the fairway? Do you get enough distance? All of these factors will be useful for the pro shop assistant to be able to help you select the proper grips.

There are several online gauges to measure your hand size. The best way though is to wrap your hand around the grips and check the gap between the ball, or base, of your hand and your fingertips (the video below discusses this). If you want to measure your hand to get a starting point on what grip size to select, we found the following chart and instructions at

golf grip reviews

golf grip reviews

How to measure your hand size

To measure your hand size, on the palm side of your dominant hand: first, measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the main crease in your wrist (Line A in the image above). Then measure the distance from your longest finger the web between your fingers (Line B in the image above). Once you have your measurements, check the chart above. That will offer you a good starting point for sizing your grips at the pro shop.

Watch a quick video about sizing your hand and golf grips fitting:

First, you evaluate your swing, your grip, measure your hand, and go to the pro shop. Next, you’ll have to decide on a set of grips that fits all that and works well with your game. There is no shortcut on this process if you’re serious about the game of golf.

Quick Tips

All the advice we’ve given you so far can be very helpful in choosing the right grips, but we want to offer a few more tips. It’s important that you have a good idea of what makes a good grip before you turn to reviews and make your final choice.

With that in mind, you should familiarize yourself with the grip sizes available. There are four basic options. They include standard, oversize, midsize, and undersize.

Do know that you can customize these sizes. You just want to begin with the size that is closest to what you need. You can then add tape to perfect the size.

We’ve already talked about grip material types, but you also need to think about texture. If a grip has a design on it, that could affect your comfort level. Make sure that you know what feels the best to you.

Firmness is also important. This is a personal choice. It depends on how you play and what you want the overall feel of your club to be.

You should make sure you know what you want in every aspect of a grip before looking at reviews.

Making the Final Decision

We found the reviews and buying guides listed below most helpful. However, staring at golf grips reviews won’t get you on your way to a better game, so get up and get going!

Whether you use our suggested reviews and buying guides, or not please be mindful of who produced the information. Some are not about you, they are about selling products. Wading through biased reviews created by club and grip manufacturers, selling their own product, is an onerous task.

We recommend checking out several sources and weighing the information in all to make the most informed decision. Ultimately, all the information out there on golf grip reviews contains the same final recommendation; your choice depends on how it feels in your hands.

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