Golf bags store your clubs and everything else you need when you’re out on the course. Investing in a golf bag is a popular purchase new golfers make after finding the right clubs. Before investing in one, consider how often you play and what you’ll need along the way. You’ll need room for accessories and rain gear. There are different types of bags that range in size, weight, and functionality.

Golf Bag Features

Before buying a golf bag, consider the types of features you’ll need:

  • Dividers: Golf bags have inside dividers that allow you to sort your clubs by type, with some even having up to 14 for each club.
  • Pockets: You’ll need spare balls and tees, but also a place for keys, phones, wallets, etc., even drinks.
  • Putter Well: This specialized compartment keeps your putter separate to prevent the head from being damaged.
  • Straps, Loops, and Handles: Check out the strap configuration to make sure it’s comfortable. Backpack style straps help distribute the weight more comfortably, but would be hindrance if all you do is move the bag to and from the riding cart.
  • Rain Protection: Some golf bags come with a waterproof hood and umbrella holder in case of rain.

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Carry Golf Bags

These lightweight bags usually only weight about 2 pounds and carry the minimum of necessities. Known as “Sunday bags,” they’re large enough to carry clubs, balls, and tees, but not much else. The name hearkens back to when a caddy couldn’t be found on Sundays. These bags are unstructured, made with lightweight materials, and a good choice for walkers who don’t require a lot of extras or a full set of clubs.

Stand Golf Bags

This structured golf bag has retractable legs that keep the bag upright and self-supporting, allowing easy access to clubs and pockets. This is a great choice for those take a lot of accessories. A stand bag keeps clubs organized, while the upright position allows you to find what you need quickly. Stand bags often come with backpack-type straps, and can also be used with push carts or secured to your riding cart. These bags only weigh about 5 pounds, but care must be taken to keep the retractable legs from being broken or bent.

Cart Golf Bags

Designed to be used exclusively on push/pull or riding carts, these bags are not a good option for those who normally walk the course. Weighing about 7 pounds, the bags are designed for their pockets to be accessible only when strapped to the cart. They feature a non-slip rubber base to keep them stable on the back of the golf cart, but makes it bit difficult to use if you carry your bag.

Staff Golf Bags

Staff bags are the high-end option when it comes to golf bags. They’re heavy, but incredibly roomy, with multiple pockets and dividers to keep clubs organized. Averaging about 10 pounds, these are the bags that pro golfers use. If you don’t want to carry it and don’t have a caddy, strap them to a golf pull cart.

Golf Travel Bags

A travel bag will protect your bag and its contents when on the road. Whether on vacation or traveling for business, a travel bag or bag cover is a good investment for taking your clubs along.

Travel bags are often padded and keep your equipment from being damaged in transit. There are solid hard-case golf travel bags for the ultimate in protection, which are preferable for airline use. Many also feature skate wheels and 360-degree turn handles for easy maneuvering.

Women’s Golf Bags

You may wonder why women have their own lines of golf bags when shopping. Aside from a wider selection of colors both bright and pastel, women’s golf clubs are often shorter, and ladies bags are designed lighter for easy carrying. Although some women need men’s golf clubs due to height, many lady golfers under 5’4’ find they need a shorter club.

Check Golf Bag Reviews Before Buying

Learn from other’s purchases before investing in a new golf bag. Golf is a very popular sport, and there are many professional and consumer reviews in online golf magazines and blogs. Always pay attention to who wrote or sponsored the review, though.

  • Golf Digest does “best of lists” for all types of golf gear, including bags, separated by type.
  • The Golf Spy, a blog that specializes in reviewing golf equipment, offers a yearly round up “best of list” for bags, clubs, and more.
  • Critical Golf, Also offers equipment reviews, and has both a grading system and a full review write-up that explores each product feature.

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Golf bags provide vital protection for your clubs. Whether you have a full set of 14 or just a few trusted clubs, there’s no doubt that a good bag is a real investment. You’ll want to make sure you protect your investment. And, stay comfortable out on the links with drinks, plenty of balls and tees, as well as rain gear and a fresh shirt.

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