Worried that you might get wiped out after just a couple of holes? You may have refined all your swings, but if you feel tired only a little into the game you still have ways to go, focusing on your game alone won’t cut it. To be at the top of your game, you need to stay in shape, and at the very forefront of that, you need to practice golf warm-ups.

Exercise is critical for maintaining your optimal form as a golfer, and warm-up routines help get your body prepped for your golf game. However, it’s important that you do your warm-ups properly for the best results. Fortunately, with a little work, you can make the most out of your warm-ups.

Here are a few special tips for starting your own set of pre-golf warm-ups to improve your golfing performance.


Importance of Pre-Golf Warm-Up

You may want to dismiss the value of warm-up exercises to focus simply on your golf game itself. After all, you may not see the worth of exercise golfing, or you may feel that you get enough exercise already just golfing and that warm-ups are unnecessary. Such assumptions are most certainly false, and ignoring the value of exercise and pre-game warm-ups can limit your potential as a golfer.

Exercise is an invaluable activity, not only for health purposes but for being successful at golf. Staying fit optimizes your performance on the course. More than that, warm-ups are especially important because they prime your body for physical activity. Pre-golf warm-ups ensure that your body is ready for the golfing experience, such that activities such as swings become more fluid and easier.


Step One: Golf Warm-Up Stretches

Before getting started with the main warm-up exercises, it’s good, to begin with, some golf warm-up stretches. Doing these stretches will increase your flexibility and make the upcoming exercises easier for your body’s movements. You don’t want to make yourself sore, though, so make sure you use and carefully follow professional stretching methods for the best results.

Men’s Health recommends that golfers regularly practice six key stretches before they golf, including a standing hip stretch, a shoulder stretch, and a couple of necks stretches. Above all, they emphasize performing dynamic, consistent stretches to heighten your nerves and muscles rather than just intermittent “static” stretches. More stretches can be found on the PGA website.


Golf Warm-Up Exercises and Pre-Golf Practice

Warm-up stretches at the very least help you take the first steps toward a healthy golf round, but for an even better effect, continue your warm-up routine with a set of exercises. By exercises, this can mean a longer set of stretches and other activities to warm up, but it also pertains to practicing your swings and golfing before actually starting your golf game.

PGA professional Mike Richards highlights that the warm-up practice exercises are different from longer practice rounds in that you want to still have enough stamina to actually play afterward. Therefore, you should only hit about 30 to 40 balls and practice swinging and put for just the first few holes to psych yourself for the game.


Professional Golf Warm-Up Drills

Professional Golf Warm-Up Drills

Photo credit to Golf Channel

Consistency and quality are essential for all elements of golfing, so to reach your objectives with golf warm-ups, you should treat the practice like a set of professional drills that you take seriously. According to the Titleist Performance Institute, static stretching and other half-hearted, improperly managed warm-up exercises can, in fact, hinder your golfing abilities.

That’s why a professional approach to your warm-ups by following advised stretches properly and applying your exercises on a frequent and continuous basis makes such a positive difference in your golfing. Once you’ve accepted the value of warm-ups and begun to practice them on a steady basis, you will be better prepared for each game and be able to enjoy it to the fullest.


Preparing You for the Full Experience

Warm up drills for a correct swing plane

Photo credit to YouTube

Golfing can be an amazing sport and recreational activity, but if your body isn’t ready for the challenges of the course, it can lose some of its appeal and effectiveness. Taking the extra bit of time and effort to warm up with healthy exercises before golfing, when combined with other key golfing practices, can help you make your golf game into a memorable and positive activity.

At Your Long Game, we want you to build yourself up as a golfer using all the tools and techniques available, from what equipment to use to how to play your game. Practice and physical fitness are important components of golf, and you can find more tips from us on warm-ups and exercises here. With our help, you can get started today and begin further developing yourself as a golfer, letting you appreciate the entire experience.

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