Players irons are for those who truly know what they’re doing out on the course, so finding the right set is imperative. Once you’re ready to move on from your game improvement irons and know exactly what you want, this is the next logical step.

best irons 2017 - Comparison Table

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best irons 2017

Choosing a new set of irons can be a challenging feat though, so we’ve done the work for you to round up the 13 of the best players irons on the market today. There’s the ultra-expensive and high tech Callaway model or the trusted Titleist additions, and whichever one you go with you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality around.

#13:  Callaway X Forged

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's X Forged Ultility Individual Iron, Right...
  • Forged Precision and Performance
  • More Control and Forgiveness
  • Longer Average Distance

If you think that the X Forged sounds familiar, you’d be right. In 2013, Callaway produced the X Forge from a single piece of sturdy material and that’s exactly what they’ve done here. The 2018 X Forged is even better though, and although they’ve kept the same form there are so many innovative changes to it.

The trajectory on these irons is managed with a back cavity weight pa and for the long irons, it sits higher and in the short irons, it’s more controlled. This is a serious set of irons for those who know what they’re doing and the complete package will cost around $. The most notable mention is the groove design that gives perfect spin control to help get you out of the rough.

#12: TaylorMade P770

TaylorMade Irons P770 Steel Iron Set 4-P, A Right Hand Stiff Flex,...
  • Forged 1025 carbon steel
  • Tungsten back bar
  • Precision-milled face and grooves

Proving yet again that they know how to make clubs for experienced golfers, TaylorMade has delivered their P770 irons. Priced at just $ a set, they’re everything you hoped for and more, but they’re not just for experts. With a carbon steel forged clubhead and an impressive 70-gram tungsten weight on the 3- through 7-irons, you’ll be given plenty of forgiveness when you need it.

Although these are two pieces, you’ll get down to the one piece irons from the 8-iron through to the pitching wedge, complete with cavity backs. The faces on these irons have a varying degree of thickness where they’re thinner up top to get a low center of gravity. All in all, it results in a solid sound when it connects and a smooth feel that’s hard to find elsewhere.

#11: PING G700

No, it isn’t some crazy new smartphone, it’s the latest irons from Ping. The PING G700 is certainly eye-catching and it’s all thanks to its incredibly thin face. Usually, when you deal with faces as thin as these, you’ll start to lose on the sound and feel of them.

Thankfully, Ping has engineered a way around this which uses an elastomer insert to support the entire area from heel to toe. The elastomer is helpful also when it comes to the flex on impact as it makes the job easier, and the vibrations are filtered down to virtually nothing. A set of eight will cost around $$ and well worth it, especially if you’re in the market for stability over all else.

#10: Mizuno MP-18 MMC

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Mmc (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff, 4-PW),
  • Multi material construction
  • 1025E mild carbon steel head
  • Satin nickel, non glare, chrome finish

This isn’t just any old iron, it’s an iron that took Mizuno’s research team three long years to perfect. They used special technology and an exclusive forging house to create the MP-18 and you can be expected to pay for the pleasure of using it - $$ for the set, to be exact.

What makes this iron so special is that it has titanium forged into the head, made from carbon steel no less. This means that the weight is exactly where it needs to be, giving you one of the most forgiving irons you’ve ever played with. They’ve also placed tungsten plugs into an internal cavity at the toe and as the lofts get lower this mass will rest deeper and deeper.

#9: Mizuno MP-18 SC

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 SC (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff 3-PW),
  • Split cavity for the better player
  • Grain flow forged HD for intense feedback
  • Satin nickel, non glare, chrome finish

Not to be forgotten is the Mizuno MP-18 SC, earning a spot as one of the better irons that experienced players have to choose from. Everything about this iron is modern including the innovative forging process that Mizuno used to make it which give tighter gains of carbon steel on the face, resulting in a smooth feel.

Thanks to this innovative technology, they’ve managed to create a low muscle back design with a sole that’s just a bit wider than your typical iron. There’s an upper cavity throughout every club and leading edges that act like blades through the rough turf. For around $$ a set, Mizuno has made sure these are worth every penny.

#8: Titleist 718 AP2

The AP2 has always been a top performer for Titleist so they only had to make minor changes to the 718 to ensure it kept its reputation. Priced at $$ for the set, this is pretty standard in price, but you’ll get a players iron with extra forgiveness and the ability to add some distance to your swing.

Using a steel body for these clubs, it also uses the same steel to forge its face insert. This stell is used for the long and middle irons, and then the 7-iron switches it up to a 1025 carbon steel face and body. Tungsten is put to use in the heel and toe of your 3- and 7- irons which adds stability and shows that Titleist knows exactly where to put the important stuff.

#7: TaylorMade M4

TaylorMade M4 Irons Set (Set of 7 total clubs: 4-PW, AW, Steel Shaft,...
  • RIBCOR localizes face flexibility in the hitting area, transferring...
  • RIBCOR stiffens the perimeter of the head creating a more rigid...
  • Optimized heel & toe weighting provides an increase in MOI vs M2 17,...

Taking quite a leap in price is the TaylorMade M4. The cavity back of these irons is exceptional and they’ve put the right amount of weight down low to give you a lift when you’re struggling.

If you’re a low-handicap golfer who loves it when people take a look at what you’re playing with, these are the ones for you. You’ll notice a wider sole but a topline that is pretty standard, so they mix things up a bit. Priced at $$ it’s not for those on a budget, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping around.

#6: Callaway 2017

No products found.

For those golfers who hate the modern looking irons but don’t want to give up on the modern technology, the Callaway 2017 Epic Iron Sets might be right up your alley. With a classic look and innovative technology, as well as the option for a free upgrade to the shaft, this is certainly one for our list.

These irons are forged from 1020 carbon steel so they’re incredibly tough and they’ve got a perfectly positioned weight pad behind their face that enhances their feel. There’s a great variety of lofts to choose from, especially for the more experienced player, and every iron has a wider sole that promises forgiveness. At $$ for the set, these are exceptionally priced for an exceptional player.

#5: Titleist 718 CB

No products found.

Titleist yet again shows us why they’re leaders in the world of golf clubs, balls, and anything they set their minds to. The CB is a classic Titleist design but in this upgrade, it’s been made even more versatile to suit a wider range of players.

Plenty of thought has gone into these irons with the short irons made from one piece forgings and a forged 1025 carbon steel body through to the 7-iron. Where they’ve saved weight in these they’ve been able to place tungsten around the heel and toe which means forgiveness where you most need it – in the long and middle irons. The set of eight is around $$ and it’s definitely one of our favorite picks on the list.

#4: Wilson FG Tour

You might assume that a new set of irons has to cost you a fortune, but Wilson has proven that this isn’t true. Priced at around $$ for the set, these irons are aimed at improving distance and getting your shot even more precise than ever. By using a range of different materials and not just focusing on one, they’ve achieved a perfect balance.

The Wilson FG Tour F6 has fused tungsten into the tow and heel on the 3-, 4-, and 5- irons so that you get better stability even when you hit off center. The 6- and 7- iron put all of its weight low in the sole so that you can launch with gusto, and the 8-iron uses no tungsten at all. For the price, these are pretty impressive and would suit the better players without a lot of money to burn.

#3: Mizuno JPX 900

Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900 Forged Iron Set (Set of 8 total clubs: 4-GW,...
  • Steel reinforced with trace amounts of boron is 30% stronger frees...
  • The JPX900 forged pushes the potential of boron infused steel to new...
  • CNC milled pocket cavity extended in both directions to redistribute...

Looking at these irons, you wouldn’t know at first glimpse that they came from Mizuno. With a gray matte finish and a clean appearance they look unlike anything we’ve seen from the brand before, but they’ve managed to make a club that’s suited to the better players, in true Mizuno fashion.

These irons are made with a one-piece forging of carbon steel which enhances their feel and gives them the forgiveness you pray for. They’ve pushed most of the weigh to the outside perimeter for more stability and it has a compact appearance that balances it all perfectly. Priced at $$ this is a great option for fans of the iconic brand.

#2: Srixon Z765

Another one of the more reasonably priced sets comes from Srixon with their Z765 irons, priced at around $$ for the complete package. Using 1020 carbon steel in their cavity back head as well as a unique heat treatment resulted in a better feel and a soft touch when you swing.

Although you might not be able to see all of the improvements they made to these irons, rest assured they’re there. If you look at the grooves you’ll see they’re larger than the previous set and with laser milling on these clubs, you get better spin control. All in all, these are an affordable option that hasn’t skimped on the latest technology.

#1: Callaway Epic Iron Set

Callaway 2017 Epic Iron Sets, 4-PW,AW, Steel, 6.0
  • Callaway Epic
  • Exo-Cage for Energy Lensing and Maximum COR
  • Metal Injection Molded Tungsten Infused Standing Wave To Optimize CG...

It should be no surprise that Callaway Epic Iron Set has the most expensive set of irons here, but also some of the best. With no expense spared, their development team has been able to come up with a cool looking set of irons. You’ll find some weights in the back that add to the style factor but also serve a purpose.

Using their signature thin steel face and a forged body with tungsten screws, the designers at Callaway made sure this was able to provide stability even on your worst swings. Be prepared to pay though, as in true Callaway fashion these cost around $$$ for the set which makes them the most expensive player’s irons by far.

best irons 2017: The Irons For Golfers Who Know What They Want

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When you’re ready to upgrade to player’s irons and feel that you’re one of the better players on the course, any of these names on our list would be a welcome addition to your bag. These irons are stylish, functional, and innovative, showcasing the latest and greatest technology for your personal use.

We all know the game improvement irons are easier to hit and there’s no shame in using them for years while you perfect your swing. When it comes time to upgrade though, a player’s iron like one of these on our list will be your best chance at the most impressive score of your golfing career.

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