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Golfing takes a lot of practice and sometimes there can be frustration when you don’t see any improvements. Luckily there are training aids that can help you boost your shot and scores.

These aids give you the tools and knowledge you need to improve your golf game. You’ll need to stick with it, though - practice makes perfect.

But what are the best golf training aids out there? Which one will work best for you? We will break down different aids and what’s great about them, plus what to look for in an aid.


We look to what golfers say are the best as a place to start. There are so many different aids out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Cutting down the options to what experts consider the most helpful is a great place to start.

Something for Everyone

Everyone has different things they need to work on when it comes to golf. Some people might need help putting, while others need to straighten out their drive.

There are a few aids that cover all of these needs, and others that are better for specific areas. You should identify your weak points before you decide on the best option for you, then follow our guidelines to choose the best aid for you.

User Feedback

With our list ready, we research what an average customer thinks of these aids. This way we know if they are helpful for the regular person or not.

We also look through the reviews and find the common highlights and problems with each training aid. That way depending on your wants and needs you know which is the best golf training aids for you.


We tried to find a variety of styles for this list. Some people struggle with different problems whether it’s their swinging position or accuracy, so it’s important to have different options.

Ahead, we’ll cover our top ten best golf aids that will help improve all areas of your game.

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This product measures clubhead swing speed and tempo time to help golfers improve their swing to get the ball to go farther and be more consistent. It can measure between forty to over two hundred miles per hour.

You don’t have even hit a golf ball. Instead, you can use a whiffle ball, Birdie Ball, or sponge ball. The important thing is to swing as if you are playing a game. You can use it anywhere you want.

According to reviews, this machine is incredibly accurate and does the same work that a device that costs thousands of dollars would while being a fraction of that cost. It’s also effortless to use. Golfers feel their consistency getting better when they practice with this machine.

Every once in a while it will register a speed that isn’t accurate, though it doesn’t happen often.


PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting, White
  • This training aid is designed to simulate the exact conditions of...
  • Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone...
  • Designed to return good putts and reject bad ones.

This is supposed to create the same conditions of putting into a real hole thanks to its parabolic curved design. It’s designed so that good putts are accepted in the hole and bad ones are returned to you.

It’s made of quality elastomer and translucent polycarbonate. It can fold and fit in your golf bag easily. Using this over and over again will improve your pace putting and pressure putting.

The great thing about this product is that it gives you proper feedback on how you swing. By rolling the ball back to you, you start to understand if you are putting too much or too little power in your swing.

Some people think it’s a little too strict when it comes to the indent hole within the arch. People will get it near the hole, but it doesn’t stay in.


SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls, 12 Pack,Yellow
  • Regulation size, stronger alternative to plastic training golf balls
  • Indestructible and resistant to dents
  • Train in small spaces with limited-flight design

This is a regulation size ball and is stronger than plastic training balls. They are durable and resistant to dents. They go around forty-five yards which makes it perfect for home practice sessions.

They are popular because they are so durable and can take a beating. They are perfect for long practice sessions.

People quickly lose their balls due to the color combo of yellow and black, which has led to some frustration.


No products found.

If you are having a hard time getting your alignment right, this is the perfect training aid for you. You can place it on the ground and line up the shot. The mirror has lines that will let you know if you are straight or not. It will fix your putter face alignment and eye position.

The Putter Gate Slots give you a gate with tees for your toes and teach you how to swing and create a sweet spot with your putter. You can keep it in your bag and practice anytime you want.

It’s a great aid, and people could see themselves improving quickly. The mirror surface lets users make sure their eyes are over the ball and allows them to see the straight line. It’s small and lightweight enough to put in your bag.

People have complained about how easy it can scratch. It could mean that you have to replace it more often than you may like. Some people thought it was too small, so it could only work for certain people.


SKLZ All-in-One Golf Swing Trainer
  • Fully adjustable components guide proper setup and swing mechanics
  • Builds the inside-square-inside swing path that eliminates slices
  • Helps eliminate head movement, hip sway and coming out of your swing

This aid will help you create muscles that will improve your game. You’ll build muscle memory and strengthen your swing with the two and a half pound weighted head. You do this by practicing your swing with it.

Using this will lower the risk of getting slices. You can use this as practice and as a warm-up before a game. Swinging it repeatedly will give you feedback and correct bad habits. Using it ten to twenty times a day will show a nice improvement to your game quickly.

This is a popular aid because it teaches the user lag and gives you real-time advice. People feel a difference when they use it with each session.

For some people, it bends too much, and it doesn’t feel like a real club. There were some complaints about the grip as well. People with large hands can’t use it comfortably.


Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid, White
  • Unique shape of the flat ball shows you if you have too steep or...
  • Helps establish proper swing plans

This little piece of elastic will keep your arms and body in sync as you swing your club. It does this by keeping your back elbows close to the body when you swing. Using this should give you better accuracy and distance.

It works for both left and right handed golfers. It’s one size fits most, but it’s made of neoprene, so it stretches.

People love it because it helps golfers of all stages. It prevents “flying elbow,” a common problem. It’s helpful because people feel the band correcting their position. It’s also popular because it’s inexpensive.

Some people have complained about the fit and having to adjust often. Some people said the material is itchy.


Izzo Golf Flatball Swing Golf Training Aid, White
  • Unique shape of the flat ball shows you if you have too steep or...
  • Helps establish proper swing plans

This practice green is made from PET resin and made in the USA. Its kidney shape lets you practice your curves and straight shots. The surface will stay smooth and perfect for practicing.

It features built-in sand trap cutouts that will catch missed shots. It also has three different holes to shoot into.

You can pick from three different measurements so it can fit in any room of your choice.

People like that this practice green has a no-slip back to it that way it stays still while in use. Golfers say that it feels high quality and slightly realistic. It can roll up for easy storage.  

Some of these products came a bit wrinkled on arrival, though it eventually flattens out. For advanced golfers, this product could be too simple.



Tac Tic Elbow Golf Swing Tempo Trainer
  • Increases swing arc width for more POWER, ACCURACY and DISTANCE
  • Corrects LEAD ARM BREAK, the most common problem with your swing arm
  • Keeps lead arm fully EXTENDED increasing the width of your swing arc

This aid corrects your lead arm break which can be the most common problem with your swing arm. It helps improve your power, accuracy, and distance. It keeps your arm fully extended that way your arch is bigger. It will fit all players, left or right handed.

People like that it gives you a little alert sound every time you bend your elbows, that way you are forced to keep your arm straight. People found that after a while, their positioning improved. Plus, it’s made of quality material.

Some people are annoyed that it takes a bit of bending before the sound goes off. The fit of the product can leave something to be desired.


UWANTME Golf Training Aids - Swing Correcting Tool
  • Correct Swing Positioning-By adjusting the correct position of the...
  • Fix Slice And Hook-Corrects face alignment throughout your golf swing...
  • Increase Your Distance-By correcting the way your back Swing will slow...

This small piece of plastic helps correct your swing positioning. You position it at the top of your club, right below the grip. It gives you the feeling of the perfect swing as you practice. You use it until you can create the perfect swing on your own.

It fixes slices and hooks while increasing your distance. By adjusting your form, you will use less power to send the ball flying. It can even help with putting and fits all golfers.

This is a surprisingly helpful product according to reviews. People found that slowly their swings were getting better with practice.

Some people had a hard time getting it in the right position for it to work. It doesn’t help that this product comes without instructions. There are also complaints about it being made of cheap material and that it doesn’t stay in position.


SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers
  • Training grip provides the correct hand position for the right golf...
  • Great for indoor and outdoor training sessions
  • Two weight adjustments for iron and wood practice

This is a training grip that will help you gain the proper hand position. It does this by showing you the correct hand placement and position. There are two different adjustments for wood and iron practice.

You can practice anywhere with this. It works great as a stretch before going to swing for real.

A downside is that it’s only for right-handed golfers.

People like that it has two different weights depending on what style you want to practice with. It’s easy to use, and people can feel a difference in their body as they use it.

A big complaint actually has to do with the grip. Some people said that grip wasn’t tight enough to train and that it’s very small. Many men struggled to use it.



The most important aspect of picking the best golf training aids for your is identifying your weaknesses. There’s no point in buying something that will help with your positioning if you are already perfect in that area.

If you need to practice swing, then you need something that you can hold and move about. Aligners are best if you tend to go off sideways.

Also, make sure to read the reviews that way you can find people with similar issues and see if the aids helped or not. This will be the easiest way to find what you need.

Practice Makes Perfect

None of these aids will help you overnight. Golf takes patience and practice. As boring as that can be, with practice you will be surprised at how good you’ll get. The point of the aids is to point you in the right direction by giving you feedback.

This will be as if you are practicing in front of a trainer and getting their advice in real time.

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