The best golf drivers can improve your game. Nine out of 10 golfers are using the wrong one, according to Golfweek, are you among them?

Golf can be an expensive game. One of the most important decisions a player will make is choosing golf drivers that feel right. Many new players find they have to experiment with different types of equipment to find their style. Golf clubs are a big investment, but one that can deliver years of enjoyment. The best golf drivers for you, however, can do much more.

Golf drivers feature a heavy head constructed of metal. They’re usually the longest club in your bag. This heavy club head gives weight when driving a shot for long distances. These are usually reserved for Par-4 and Par-5 holes.

Club manufacturers spend months researching and designing golf club drivers. A good golf driver is the perfect combination of best angle, weight, size, and sweet spot. Finding the best golf drivers for you can mean elevating your golf game in a big way.

According to Golfweek magazine, nine out of 10 golfers are playing with the wrong golf driver. Most are playing with drivers too long for their swing, with insufficient loft. Are you one of these golfers? Read on to find out.

The right golf driver provides sufficient loft.

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Best Configuration for Golf Drivers Loft

If your swing is under 90 mph, you’ll want more loft from your golf driver. This increases backspin on the ball, keeping it up longer and giving more distance.

The angle of the club face determines the degree of loft on the golf driver, ranging between eight and 12 degrees.

Best Golf Drivers Head Size

Club heads are measured by volume in metric. The largest head size for golf drivers is 460cc. The smallest range from 440cc to 420cc. Clubs sized at 460cc have a larger face with the weight titled to the lower back portion of the head. This helps create speed. Larger club heads also have a larger sweet spot. So, they’re more forgiving and a good choice for new players.

You’ll also want a club with the right head size for your game. If you tend to miss the sweet spot, you’ll want a golf driver with the largest head you can comfortably control.

Choose the right head shape for your golf driver.

Choose the shape you feel most comfortable with, whether it’s a square head or a round head. Round heads are easier for beginners, since they’re less likely to strike the gowned during the swing. Square heads, on the other hand, have larger faces and are more forgiving.

Best Golf Driver Length

The incorrect club length is a disaster. Most golf pros choose a 44.5 inch driver. Although many manufacturers make drivers that can be ordered at 45.5 to 46.5 inches. The maximum legal length is 48 inches. The length of your club has nothing to do with the distance of your shots. The right length is one that lets you hit the center of the club head, comfortably and effectively.

  • Choosing the correct shaft for your swing speed:

The flexibility of the driver shaft can make or break the long drive. A stiff shaft can produce a longer drive, and players with fast swings can benefit. Many drivers, however, are made of a lighter, flexible graphite material. You should try several out before purchasing to get a feel for the shaft flexibility.

Factors in Choosing a Driver You May Not Have Considered

  • Club head color may make a difference:

Some players are invested in the appearance of their clubs and other equipment. While the basic driver head color is brown or black, some players think a bright color improves their swing. A bright color contrasts against the grass, providing a visual marker that may improve aim. Your mileage may vary.

  • Choose the right club for your dominant hand swing:

Left-handed players need to choose clubs with the angle on the correct side for their dominant hand. Left-handed golf drivers, along with other available clubs, ensure the right angle for 10 percent of the population.

Get Professional Assistance

A good golf instructor or pro shop manager can help you choose the right golf driver. They can analyze your swing by objective observation. Don’t be shy about seeking their advice. A custom fitting can help you choose the right golf driver length and head size.

Golf driver reviews from reputable sporting publications are very handy for saving time when choosing a new driver. Magazines and websites like Golf, and Golf Monthly provide impartial reviews from golf professionals.

Your golf driver may be the most expensive club you own. However, investing in a new golf driver after careful research may be your next step to playing like a pro.

Featured Image: CC by CC 0,  by Pexel, via Pixabay.

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