You know what they say – always have good posture – but it’s especially important to have the right kind of posture when golfing. Seeing as you’re swinging to hit a ball on the ground, though, it’s not quite the same as the standard sort of posture that you might know of otherwise.

Posture can have a significant influence on your form when golfing, so you need to make posture into a steady habit for yourself when golfing, while also making sure that your posture is properly aligned for your game. With the right posture to complement your swing, you can drastically improve your golf performance.


The Value in Proper Golf Posture

Good posture is beneficial to you as a golfer in multiple ways. First, there is a sense of gracefulness that comes with the right kind of posture, so maintaining a good posture while you play heightens your appearance and golfing style. Second, an ideal posture is beneficial for your health. Your spinal cord is linked to your entire body, so you should work to mitigate any stress that golfing might induce upon it.

Most of all, proper golf posture is necessary to effectively carry through with your swing. The course of your swing depends on your stance, so an improper posture can misalign even the best swing and thus turn your hole-in-one into an embarrassing flop. On the other hand, by maintaining good posture throughout golfing, you maximize your swing’s power and aim for a much better golfing experience.


Ideal Golf Swing Posture

The Swing & Body Connection

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Posture consists of more than just your back – it involves your entire body and how they align with each other. According to Christina Ricci’s advice on Golf Survival Guides, you should keep your back straight while bending forward at the hips. Your knees should flex lightly, but they should not bend too far forward or else they will interfere with your swing.

If you’re having trouble telling if you have the right posture, a good strategy is to stand straight in front of a large mirror and test flexing your knees and flattening your shoulder blades. In any case, though, a lot of your stance and posture ultimately comes down to your ball’s position, so work on finding the right angle and balance for your swing.


Avoiding Coming Out of Posture in Golf Swing

Do you Early Extend in your golf swing?

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However, since your posture’s form directly correlates with the position of your ball, your position will have to morph once you hit the ball and reach the climax of your swing. Golf is a game of motion, always steadily moving forward to the hole, and likewise, your posture must flow with your swing to have the optimal effect on the ball. By finding the right posture that can stay in position even as your body moves with the ball, your swing and posture can function in sync for the greatest effectiveness.

To ensure that your posture follows through, you need to maintain the individual elements of your posture as you go through the swing. For example, the Titleist Performance Institute recommends keeping your lower and upper bodies separate so that you can rotate your shoulders while retaining your posture. If you start to break from your posture midway through a swing, everything could get thrown off.


Correct Golf Posture at Address

Proper Golf Stance

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The solution to finding the right balance between your swing and your posture, such that you can keep both stable when you play, is through what is called the address position. As explained by the PGA, the address position refers to your original posture and position prior to swinging and should, therefore, embody both strength and stability in your posture.

By assuming the correct address position at the start, your fluid swing axis ensures a repeating swing. This enables your posture to consistently move with your swing while maintaining proper alignment with the ball and swing. Furthermore, your address should be in line with your target (the ball), and you should align your body and club on parallels with it for a smooth strike that delivers on your swing.


Posture Counts

Get a Great Posture With Your Driver

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It takes a lot of careful attention to delivering the proper swing to your balls, but golf posture will improve the whole process when implemented correctly. For your posture to support your swing, you must above all account for how your unique body and its position with the ball can best maintain a steady balance when serving.

Posture is certainly important, but it’s just one of the many practices that we work to assist you with at Your Long Game. Golfer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we have the resources to prepare you as a golfer. You can find more tips on improving your swing and stance by clicking here.

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