Whether you walk all the way on foot or take a cart between holes, you’ll still need to stand and walk in the golf course to play. And given the unique environs of golf courses, you’ll need golf shoes for the best results.

With many years of experience and a growing interest in healthy lifestyles, the athletic industry has steadily improved and expanded the options for golf shoes, and now there are many different types and styles of shoes that a professional golfer can choose from. A good pair of golf shoes is essential for comfortably traversing the course, so certain qualities are important.


Different Types of Shoes

The two primary types of golf shoes are spiked “cleated” shoes and spikeless shoes, and each has its own advantages. Due to the terrain of the golf green, spiked shoes have been the mainstay among golfers for years. The spikes help to stabilize the shoes and thereby ensure smoother and more effective swings. However, golfers should keep in mind this warning: The once-popular metal spikes, due to the damage they leave on the grass, are now banned at many courses.

Spikeless golf shoes are relatively new on the golfing scene, but they have proved largely successful. While the spikeless shoes lack the traction and water resistance of a traditional spiked shoe, they are more comfortable on the feet than spiked shoes and have a stylish appeal. There are additionally other kinds of golf shoes as well, such as golf boots for extra warmth in colder climates and golf sandals for use in especially hot weather.



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Golfing shoes are made from a few different kinds of materials. Synthetic shoes are relatively cheap and light on the feet, but they have a few disadvantages, as they lack breathability and water resistance. Leather shoes are more popular since they have more water resistance and are more flexible and comfortable, but due to these advantages, they are costlier.

When considering the material, it’s also important to keep in mind that the grade and quality of materials vary, with the price increasing as the grade improves. For instance, beyond simple water resistance, you can pay extra for waterproof warranties. Therefore, you should remember that the quality of the material will determine the quality of your shoes.


Finding the Right Fit

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You also need to make sure that the shoe fits you properly for the most comfortable and stable experience. Since the shoe is critical in your stance for swings, having the right size can make all the difference. Fortunately, many shoe and athletic companies offer a wide range of sizes for shoes, and sizing guides can be found online to save you the trouble of trying them on at the store.

However, even if your shoe fits, enough wear could hinder its fit on your foot. Therefore, you should take good care of the shoes and ensure that they retain their proper form. One method recommended Golf Locker is to use shoe trees to prevent bending when they aren’t on your feet. By finding a shoe that properly fits on your foot and keeping it that way, your golfing experience will significantly improve.


Shoe Shopping


Professional athletic and shoe companies are your best choice when shopping for a reliable brand of golf shoe. In their 2017 review of golf shoes, American Golf recommended several shoes from several key brands such as Adidas golf shoes, Ecco golf shoes, FootJoy golf shoes, and Nike golf shoes, and such brands continue to be popular now, as seen in Golf Digest’s 2018 review of men’s golf shoes.

The price of different brands can vary, as well as the kinds of shoes they sell and the materials they use. As a result, each shoe has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making your purchase. Once you have studied and compared the different brands of shoes, you should think about what you really want, and if price, comfortability, or traction among others is of more value.


Making the Journey Fun

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When you have a good pair of shoes on you, golfing, from the act of swinging the club to the travel between holes, can be very enjoyable and a fulfilling pastime. There are many different factors to consider when looking for golf shoes, but with enough consideration, you can make your shoes into a key asset in your golfing adventure.

Golfing styles vary between individuals, and everyone has their own way of excelling at and having fun with the sport. We recognize that fact at Your Long Game, and we want to help you grow as individuals to gain a better connection to golf. We have many guides to equipment here and can also help you get started as a golfer. Golfing should be fun, and we want you to make the most out of the experience.

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