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Many of us remember Tiger Woods burst on the scene at the age of 3 when he first appeared on television. He walked on the Mike Douglas Show stage with his little golf bag and proceeded to wow the audience and TV viewers with his skill. Tiger Woods went on to be one of the greatest golfers and recognizable athletes in history. Everyone wanted to be like Tiger and he ushered in a new wave of interest for an already awesome sport.

You don’t have to be like Tiger or Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklas or Jordan Spieth to enjoy the game of golf. That is the beauty of the sport. Man or woman, young or old golf can be your game. You can pick it up and any point in your life and compete with friends or yourself. There is always a part of your game you can improve. Drive the ball further, putt more accurately, master the sand traps.

Your long game tackles all aspects of golf. From the first time you pick up a club to your tenth round at Torrey Pines, we will be with you every step of the way. What clubs are best for beginners, which golf balls are the most forgiving, what are some worthwhile golf vacations, what golf courses are best in each state? We’ve got it for you.

We love the game and if you found us you probably do too. Stay tuned and stay informed on the latest golf trends, tips, and reviews. Thank you and enjoy yourlonggame.com


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