As an effective leader, visualising the future has no value if you cannot communicate it.

Storytelling has been a valued art since the beginning of human civilisation. Those who could most effectively communicate gained authority and prestige. The fact that Homer’s Odyssey is still studied on syllabuses today is testament to the value our society puts in telling a good tale. Beyond fiction however, creating an engaging narrative is also a vital tool in inspiring others and recruiting them to your cause.

Modern marketing recognises the art of storytelling, as demonstrated by the ‘About Us’ page on any website, that gives a synopsis of the company history, their values and central aims. By providing this information, the potential customer understands what stage this organisation is at and is more likely to do business with them to participate in this journey.

Communicating with all stakeholders should include some element of this narrative. Although some relationships may seem purely transactional, there will be a reason this person/group has chosen to do business with you. This may well be down to your vision and values and how well you show these.

Bringing your mission to life is particularly important in inspiring colleagues and employees. When interviewing and onboarding new members of staff, be sure to demonstrate what you stand for, where you want the company to go and how you plan to get there. This commitment will show a clarity of thought and present an engaging narrative they are more likely to buy into.

If meetings are nothing but dry facts and numbers, this is likely to drain enthusiasm; keep your vision front and centre and don’t let people forget it. Passion is created by the sense of working towards something that matters; this will not only increase productivity but also raise the profile of your organisation as that person advertises your worth independently.

In the modern world there are less and less excuses for being a poor storyteller. With an increasing number of communication methods, getting your narrative out there has never been easier. Interrogate your company image: how could you demonstrate your mission, vision and values more effectively to your stakeholders?

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